Red Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz Carmel Winery,The regional series
A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz grapes from vineyards in the Upper Galilee. 12 months in French oak barrels. The color is crimson red. With black fruit and spices. Medium body
Alma Scarlet Dalton dry red wine
Made from Shiraz, Grenache and Morbard grapes, from three vineyards in the Upper Galilee
Alon Galil, Galil Wineries dry red wine
Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Dark purple wine, a complex aroma of ripe fruit, spices and roasted oak aromas. The wine has a full body and a long finish.
Cabernet Sauvignon D Dalton dry red wine
Cabernet Sauvignon Dalton is a rich, fruit-rich, well-balanced wine. The wine shows clear characteristics of Cabernet Sauvignon, aromas of blackberry and cherry mint, combined with a vanilla and caramel aroma resulting from oak
Grenache Noir - Galil Wineries dry red wine
A bright crimson color rich in sweet red fruit aromas and spices - soft and pleasant to drink 100% Grenache
Merlot Jordan Golan Heights dry red wine
Features red and black fruits, with aromas of herbs, orange blossoms and chocolate in the background. It is a tasteful Merlot, boasting a full body and a long and enjoyable finish.
Cabernet - Merlot Gamla hasmora- dry red wine
Gamla The Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot features characteristics of cherry, orange peel and berries along with hints of fresh spices. Comprised equally of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, this wine offers a medium to full bodied and tastes great
Syrah - gamla hsmora , dry red wine
Displays aromas of blueberries, strawberries and plums along with notes of earth, smoke, spices and meat. With a good body and an exceptional expression of his qualities and characteristics
Shiraz Reserve, Dalton , dry red wine
Is almost black in color. The nose smells of earth, spices black pepper and a little white peach
Judean mountains, tzora , dry red wine
Expresses in its taste and character the quality vineyard of the winery in the Judean Hills.
Mount Amasa, Yatir , dry red wine
The color of the wine is purple. It has aroma reminiscent of ripe plum, a little smoke and spices. Its taste is fruity, ripe, medium-bodied
Cabernet Sauvignon Jordan Golan Heights , dry red wine
This is a classic, rich and complex Cabernet, with a full body and a long finish.
Root, Tzora , dry red wine
Is naturally restrained and balanced. The character of this unique terroar is expressed in wine, which is of a black and earthy nature
Yatir Forest, Yatir , dry red wine
The wine is characterized by deep purple color, rich aroma and a taste that combines strength with elegance and freshness
Luria - Terrace , dry red wine
Made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown in terraced soil that combines basalt, limestone and terra rosa together at an altitude of 850 meters. The wine as the mineral features of the vineyard soil has a rich body and an elegant and complex texture.
Lambrusco Donato
Dry and bubbling red.

White Wine

Gewurztraminer & Riesling & Muscato - Chateau de Galilei , Semi dry
A unique blend of Gewurztraminer, Reislinig and Musca Rich in fruity and aromatic flavors, sweet and sweet Le Citadel de Diamant Winery
Rosa Fanny- dry
A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and a boat, Rosa Dry. Light shade of Provencal tradition. The fragrance of my cows is refined and balanced.
Rosa Mademoiselle- dry
100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Combines depth, sharpness and the color of the rose flowers. 1.5 liters
Blue Nan Gewürztraminer , Semi dry
Blue Nan Gewurztraminer is the most aromatic and enjoyable wine, with a pleasant sweetness combined with a delicate acidity and balance.
Puma Blanc Dalton , Dry white wine
Very classic in its adaptation to the Mediterranean climate. It is a Sauvignon Blanc with an aroma of apples and pears accompanied by tropical features. The line has a soft round finish in your life
Chardonnay , Jordan Golan Heights , Dry white wine
Yarden Chardonnay 2014 features aromatic aromatic fruits of lemon, pear and apricot, along with tropical fruits and fresh flowers with a French oak in the background. This elegant and tasteful Chardonnay is medium- to full-bodied, easily accessible and fresh.
Gewurztraminer - Jordan The Golan Heights , Semi dry white wine
Featuring fragrances of flowers, lychee, spices, mandarin, peach and honeycomb, along with hints of tropical fruits. It is aromatic and tasteless wine with a hint of sweetness and a mediocre body.
White root, tzora , Dry white wine
The wine aged in French oak barrels for 7 months, the structure of the wine and its complex flavors express the unique character of Kerem Shoresh.
Rosa - Dalton , Semi dry
A delicate pink-purple wine with a medium-bodied body, with aromas of strawberry and red grapefruit, flowered and vivid.
Muscato - Dalton , Semi dry
Made from Moscat Alexandroni grapes, coming from the Shfela area. When the grapes reach the winery, the grapes are crushed and the juice remains on the husks for several hours in order to produce the most flavors found in the peel.
Cava Brut di Marmo , Semi dry and bubbling.